What Types of Insurance Coverage Should I Have in Arkansas?

Knowing what type of insurance and how much coverage you should have is important. We put together a list of the most important insurance coverages you should own, if you live in the state of Arkansas.

1.      Auto Insurance:

Auto insurance is crucial in any state, for obvious reasons. The number one reason for auto insurance in Arkansas and any state is to protect you in the event you are the cause of a car or truck accident. Every automobile owner must have liability coverage. This is the number one form of auto insurance coverage you should have because it covers claims when you are at fault.

You should also have uninsured motorist coverage to protect you and your vehicle if the other driver does not have insurance but is at fault. Personal injury protection covers lost wages, medical bills and death benefits no matter who is at fault.

2.      Home Insurance:

Although you are not required to own home insurance in Arkansas, you may be required to own it as a condition of your loan. Most mortgage companies require their clients to carry full coverage. When you are applying for a loan, you can find out what the requirements are.

Homeowners insurance is important to have in Arkansas, because of the amount of natural disasters that occur each year. It will protect you from having to pay for expensive repairs and other losses associated with various disasters that are out of your hands.

Homeowner insurance coverages that are important to have include losses associated with any sudden or accidental event. Replacement coverage protects against complete destruction of a home and covers the expenses associated with a new build. Other types of homeowners insurance you can purchase include fire and wind coverages.

3.      Boat insurance:

Similar to auto insurance, boat insurance protects you in the event an accident occurs on your boat, and someone is injured, or your boat suffers damage.

4.      Specialty Insurance

If you have an unoccupied or vacant home, you should have insurance to protect it from vandalism or natural disasters that are out of your control. It is important to protect all properties you own so you do suffer massive financial losses in the event a sudden accident occurs.

Where do I find the best coverage in Arkansas?

If you need auto, home, boat, specialty, or any other type of insurance coverage in Arkansas, OZK Insurance can help. We are the number one independent insurance agency in the state and serve individuals, families, and business owners with all their insurance needs.

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